Professional development and prospects

  Sociology is a world-oriented international subject and a reality-oriented applied science ,also a future-oriented development discipline.It studies the society deeply and systematically through empirical research, and then puts forward  corresponding theory,and the solutions to solve social problems.Sociology has witnessed the period of vigorous development and increasingly mature.Great attention is attached to some important achievements of Chinese sociology not only by other domestic discipline, but also the international academic circles especially Chinese researchers.In the international academic community, the sociological theory has made great breakthrough in reflection and reconstruction, the sociological statistical analysis method has obtained excellent improvement ,interdisciplinary research fields has growing rapidly, and sociology research has also been increasingly specialized and professional.

  According to the condition of social development and professional requirements, it requires students to master the basic sociological theory, be familiar with main schools in the sociology both at home and abroad, know the knowledge of social development and management and skillfully use the research methods of sociology to make them have the ability of social investigation and study, comprehensively analyzing problems, processing and analyzing data, writing research report, public relations and organization.Undergraduate students will be awarded a bachelor's degree in law.The department is equipped with a sociology master's degree authorization centers ,including rural sociology, social psychology, anthropology, comparative modernization, family sociology, sociology of science, sociology of law and social security. Each year, 10% of the students walk directly to study for a master's degree in an exemption.