Professional setting

  There are now two majors of undergraduate in Department of sociology, Wuhan University,namely sociology and social work .


  Sociology is a comprehensive discipline which aims at studying the structure, function, occurrence and development rules of society from the whole set of social system through the social relations and social behavior,and is to cultivate advanced specialized personnel with more comprehensive knowledge of social science and more skilled social investigation skills. Graduates could be engaged in social research, assessment and evaluation, planning and management and other work in education and research institutions, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and other units,and they could be editors or reporters and others in the press, newspapers, radio, television and other news and publishing units.

  Social Work

  Taking altruism as a guide and using a system of scientific theory as the basis,social work is to take advantage of professional methods and techniques to help and serve people. As a social science, social work aims to develop advanced specialized personnel with more comprehensive social work professional values, basic knowledge, more social work skills,more ability to reflect on as well.They can be engaged in education and research, management and counseling work in research institutions, government agencies, enterprises, institutions, social organizations, welfare institutions, urban and rural communities, and in social security institutions, urban and rural communities, women and youth and other social groups, civil affairs departments, family planning, policy research, development planning department as well after graduation.